hairtalk extensions and hairtalk hairwear are made of human hair using the finest handmade techniques. The volume of hair on your head increases substantially after hair thickening and/or hair extensions, thus more intensive and time-consuming hair treatment is required. The additional weight can lead to a slight feeling of tension on the scalp during the first few days, this is normal and goes away after a short while. In order to enjoy your ‘new’ hair for as long as possible, we recommend that you stick to the following hair care instructions:



  • Do not wash or wet your hair for 48 hours after installation.
  • Before each wash, your hair must be completely knot-free.
  • Do not wash your hair with your head bent over, but always upright under the shower.
  • Spread the hairtalk Shampoo across your hands then apply evenly on the wet hair.
  • hairtalk Shampoo is self-cleaning and requires only light pressure.
  • Rinse out the remaining shampoo thoroughly!
  • After each hair wash, apply slightly diluted hairtalk Balsam solution to the hair –Do not rinse.
  • Always brush the hair again after washing, starting with the tips of the hair.
  • After your first wash your hair extensions will expand by up to 30% and return to a natural texture with a slight wave and frizz until blow dried or styled.



  • Brush you hair regularly and thoroughly.
  • Always start by brushing the tips of your hair and slowly work your way upwards.
  • Please do not use a comb!


Heat Styling

  • Never use the maximum heat setting when drying your hair. This dries out the air excessively.
  • Limit the heat of your straightening iron or heat styling tool to a maximum of 190 degrees Celsius or a medium heat setting.



  • Never use hair care and/or styling products that contain keratin, alcohol, ethanol or oil.
  • Apply the hairtalk Conditioner spray several times a day to provide your hair with the regular moisture it needs.
  • The quality of hairtalk extensions is only guaranteed when the use of hairtalk Aftercare products are used exclusively and our care instructions are followed.



  • Before you go to bed, tie your hair into a loose bun or a braid.
  • Never go to bed with wet hair.
  • Never leave your hair wet or damp in a towel or covering for a long period of time.



It is preferable that you don’t colour hairtalk extensions but they can be coloured with a 7 volume developer (no higher). Make sure to avoid the the bonds when colouring as it will weaken them.

hairtalk extensions are guarenteed for up to 6 months, provided our hairtalk Aftercare Products and Care instructions are followed.


Watch out

Protect you hair as much as possible against salt and chlorine water, for example by rinsing your hair out thoroughly with tap water after swimming. Plait your hair in a braid when swimming.

Minerals and chemicals in the water can turn blonde highlights to a different colour. Lightening hair opens the hair cuticle, making it more porous. Especially when hair is more porous or too dry, it is more likely to absorb minerals and chemicals, Iron in particular can wreak havoc. Iron, which is found in high amounts in well water, attaches itself to hair, turning it reddish or brassy.

Preventative measures: To avoid this problem, we recommend intensive hair care by using sufficient hairtalk Balsam and hairtalk Repair Crème in order to prevent the hair from getting too dry.

Also a water softener reduces the amount of minerals and chemicals in tap water. Using distilled water can prevent and even remove iron deposits.