How long do the extensions last?
8 to 10 weeks varying on the client’s hair growth. This is recommended to eliminate matting, frizzing and tangling, and ensures the extension is always fresh and close to the scalp. They can be reapplied up to 3 times for a total of about 6-8 months of wear; this is recommended so that the extension bond remains seamless.
Where does the hair come from?
Our hair is 100% cuticle on Remy human hair, from India. The extension itself is hand made in China with products from Asia, Europe and the US.
Is it human hair?

hairtalk extensions are 100% Remy human hair, meaning the cuticle is intact and the hair is placed with the cuticle all facing the same direction. Benefits to this are no matting, tangling or short hair returns. Our fantasy color hair is a blend of temperature safe synthetic and human hair. Bright colors typically have drastic fading within one to two shampoos and this blend allows the colors to remain vibrant. This product can be ironed and blown out just like regular human hair products.

Can you color it?
There are over 30 natural colors and 9 fantasy shades that can be blended to create over 500 different shades. If you are unable to blend to create your desired shade you can deposit color down two- three levels. We do not recommend that you lighten the extensions. To create a more platinum blonde you can apply a toner to the 613 or 25. In the process of applying color, keep all color away from the adhesive bands. If you decide to deposit color to create your desired shade, it is recommended that you wait 24 to 48 hours from the time of application to allow the adhesive band to seal firmly. Please keep in mind, coloring the extensions voids their warranty.
Can you iron, curl or blow-dry the hair?
All of the above heat processes are okay. Do not allow your clients to sit under a dryer while wearing hairtalk or to isolate any of the above heat processes to the adhesive bands. Concentrated heat applied to the bands can make the adhesive tacky. hairtalk Fantasy & Pastel colors are made from a temperature safe synthetic blend that can be styled on low heat settings.
What products can be used in the hair?
We recommend that clients use the hairtalk® product line. It is formulated specifically for processed hair and extensions. Heavy conditioners are not to be applied at the scalp, or adhesive bands, but rather from mid shaft to end. Remind the client to rinse longer than usual and preferably in sections, to ensure there is no product left in the hair or on the scalp. Avoid products containing alcohol, oil or ethanol.
Can roots be retouched while the extensions are in the hair?
Yes, roots can be retouched, keeping in mind to stay away from the adhesive bands. It is recommended that roots be done 24 to 48 hours prior to application. If roots need to be done between extension services and there is enough new growth to keep the color off of the bands, we suggest doing a partial retouch along with the hairline. Keep in mind, chemicals in the hair can compromise the adhesive bands.
Can I reuse them?
Yes, the suggested re-use is up to 3 additional times. After 3 uses, bulk at the attachment area may be created and new hair is necessary. Be sure to purchase Remove Solvent and adhesive bands for your re-service. They can be reapplied up to three additional times for a total of 6 – 8 months of wear; this is recommended so that the extension bond remains seamless.
How much do they cost?
Refer to current price sheet. The more you buy the better your price is. Price is based on length and color. Volume discounts available.
How do I remove them?
Apply solvent to new hair growth and allow it to trickle down the hair shaft in between the adhesive bands. Let it set for a moment and then separate the bands. Do not rub the adhesive strip. We recommend creating a system to place the extensions in the order in which they were removed. This will guarantee an easy and accurate re-application.
What lengths are available?

10 -12” / 30cm

14-16” / 40cm

18-20” / 50cm

22-24” / 60cm

Do you offer different textures?
hairtalk extensions come with a slight wave. The hair can be worn straight or wavy.
How many come in a pack?

Original extensions : 20 Bands

Original Plus extensions: 12 Bands

Partial Packs: 12 Bands

Petite Plus extensions: 12 Bands

Petite extensions: 12 Bands

Mini Strands: 20 Bands

Mini Strands Plus: 20 Bands

Rainbow extensions (Multi): 24 Bands

Fantasy extensions: 12 Bands

Pastel extensions (Multi): 12 Bands

How many adhesive bands come in a pack?
There are two different packs of bands. Original bands come in packs of 60. Petite bands come in packs of 36. Each pack has enough bands for 3 reapplications.
How many packs does it take to do a full head?
On average, it should take 3-5 packs of hair, however, this is completely customizable depending on the desired look.
Can I swim, exercise or go in the sauna?

We recommend applying and leaving in hairtalk Nourish Plus prior to swimming. This nourishes the hair and allows it to absorb the moisture.

This prevents the hair from absorbing harmful elements, such as chlorine and minerals. Hair tangles when dirt and sweat build up so hair must be worn up or in a ponytail when exercising or relaxing in a sauna. Be sure to wash hair after working out, as well as brushing before and after exercising.

Exposing extensions to sunscreen may cause discoloration.

How do I find a hairtalk hairdresser?
You can either use our hairtalk Partner Salon Finder or contact our hairtalk team on +49 (0) 9131 77 03 20. Here you will get information on the nearest hairdresser and answers to your questions quickly and easily.
How much does a hair extension or thickening cost?
The cost question has no general answer since there is no flat rate, but instead each hairstylist charges individually for services rendered (washing, cutting, applying extensions etc.). A complete hair extension treatment with 40 cm extensions is available starting from approx. R5000. Thickenings cost less, since shorter (25 cm) and fewer extensions are needed. These can be purchased starting at approx. R1200.
Can I colour hairtalk extensions or get a perm?
In principle both options are possible, but require special knowledge. We use Remy hair which is first bleached and then dyed to achieve the desired colour. While bleaching or lighter colouring is not possible, darker colour washes or dying is. During a perm, in particular, it is crucial that the treatment is performed only by a specialist who understands that the extensions have already been bleached and heavily processed. Over-processed extensions are not connected to the scalp and thus cannot be internally supplied with essential nutrients through active roots.
I have naturally wavy hair - can I also get curled extensions?
Yes, curled strands with different kinds and degrees of waving and curl can be ordered. The hairstylist measures the diameter of the curls and waving and orders accordingly.
Can I make a ponytail or swept-up type hair-style with the hair extension?
In contrast to the bonding method, up-swept hair-styles or ponytails are possible with the hairtalk adhesion method without the contact points becoming visible. However, the hair-style should not be combed back too strictly, since the extensions are taped and trained downward in a falling direction. If the hair is loosely teased or pulled upward, or to the rear and/or put loosely in a ponytail or swept-up hair-style, then there is no problem with such hair-styles (see pictures in the “Gallery”: wedding or festive hair-styles).
Are the splices noticeable?
The adhesive tapes for splicing are not noticeable. In some cases, directly after applying the extensions, some might feel a bit of a “pinch” for one or two days, since the hair extensions are fastened directly to the hair roots. Otherwise, the connections are so flat, flexible and soft that they meld to the head directly, and even when stroking the hair with hands, the splices cannot be felt.
How long can the hair extensions be used, and/or how often do the hairtalk strands need to be reattached to the roots?
The answer to that depends on hair growth and density. In general hairtalk extensions need to be reconnected by hairstylist to the hair roots every two to three months, since they “grow out” together with the natural hair.
How often can hairtalk be reused?
The extensions can be reused approx. two or three times depending upon the level of care. The more care, the longer the hair extension remains healthy, shiny and fit for use. The splice can be cleaned and renewed without limit again and again.
What do I have to consider regarding care and everyday life of hairtalk extensions?
Washing should take place in the shower and not head over – otherwise it is hard to untangle the hair afterwards. Furthermore, make sure that the care products do not contain oil or alcohol. The splicing tape contact points could separate unless specially formulated hairtalk extensions care products are used.
Why do my blond extensions suddenly appear reddish/greenish?
Minerals and chemicals in the water can change the colour of bleached hair. During the bleaching process, the hair layer is cracked open, making it more porous. Porous hair absorbs minerals and chemicals more easily than healthy hair. Iron can be particularly damaging here. The iron that is contained in conventional tap water in large quantities attaches itself to the porous spots and makes them appear reddish or greenish. A reddish discolouration in blond hair does not stem from a faulty product nor is it reason for a complaint, but rather a result of the increased content of minerals and iron in the water. To avoid such effects we recommend intensive care and sufficient use of hairtalk Balm and hairtalk Repair Cream.